2020 Season Update

UpdatedThursday August 13, 2020 bySAYFL Board.

COVID-19 Interrupts SAYFL Season As Planned - But We're Still Working on Solutions!

We have worked very hard all summer making plans, revising plans, and making the decision almost weekly to continue, cancel or suspend our season. We announced last week that we must comply with the Seymour Community School Corporations (SCSC) guidelines and procedures for COVID-19, and for good reason. Most of our players are SCSC students and are the most affected by risk and any negative impacts. The board met Monday the 10th to discuss the ability of the league to contact-trace athletes in the event it was required by SCSC or the Health Department. The consequence, as we understand it, is that any student that is contact-traced to a COVID-19 positive diagnosed person is quarantined from school for a period of two weeks. This new reality and its local affects already felt at SHS required us to revisit our plan.

Considering the volunteers needed to enable accurate contact-tracing, player screenings, and monitoring the use of masks by the players and volunteers, it was decided that SAYFL could not confidently meet the requirements with the number of volunteers on roster necessary to do the work. Additionally, we could not absorb the responsibility of the high risk to the entire school corporation due to the number of schools and counties represented this season. The board, by majority vote moved to cancel the season as initially planned. This includes the Combine, scheduled for August 12-14th. This is not intended to be a full league activity cancellation - at this time. We simply need more time to regroup and determine what is possible for our very small army of volunteers to accomplish safely, and with minimal risk to the athletes, their families and those who give selflessly to the league their time, talents and other resources. We did not have enough time to complete this work and be in full compliance before the Combine scheduled for Wednesday, this week.

We will be working alongside SCSC, Seymour High School Athletics, and the Health Department to determine if we can create a path forward. We expect to do this work over the next two weeks and will regularly update you as we progress. We do not want to go a full season without football for our players and cheerleaders! We are still 100% committed to deliver where we can safely and responsibly do so.

Please hang in there with us if you are able and we will have our full path forward, and with faith and luck on our side, we well have some youth football in 2020! COVID has taken enough from all of us, and we share in your disappointment and frustration. We knew this season was going to require us to be Fluid and Agile, thank you for your confidence. We will be transparent and frequent with our updates.

In Gratitude,

Your SAYFL Board of Directors

Tara Johnson, President                               

Brad Boas, Vice President and Director of Business Development

Jason Storey, Co- Director of League 

Jason Mellencamp, Co-Director of League             

Tyler Thias, Director of Equipment          

Drew Royalty, Director of Player Safety

Amanda Hoene, Director of Communications

Kevin Applegate, Director of Coaches

JD Roberts, Board Advisor

Doug Prather, Games Announcer, Board Advisor                     

Gwen Newkirk, Director of Cheer Equipment